Adam Forshaw discusses the 2-1 win, being sick before the game, and the team's confidence going into West Brom...

How pleased were you with the manner of the 2-1 win over Wigan?

I think if we were to say what let us down last year, it was grinding out results like that, and showing a real grit and determination in games, so personally, they are as pleasing as 3-0 wins.

Especially with Leeds being the first club to win at The DW this season...

Yeah, I spoke to one of their lads who played, after the game, and he said that we're the first team to go there and pass them off the park really. I thought second half we were really comfortable and moved the ball well, and should have scored a couple more.

Were you a little disappointed that the game wasn't tied up earlier?

Yeah, I think the manager will say the same, our conversion rate can be better. We're creating lots of chances, and we're quite free-flowing, and it's better to be that than not creating, so there are plenty of positives.

On a personal note, you're back from injury, and back in the side, how are you feeling?

Well, I was sick the day before the game, and I didn't train. I met up with the team late on, but I've waited that long to get back in the team, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I'm pleased to get through the ninety minutes and rest up for next week.

It didn't show, you looked quite sharp...

I've worked hard, and I'm just trying to be as fit as possible for how the manager wants to play. It's obvious that he wants high energy in midfield, he wants us to get beyond them, and get the second balls, so it's key in this league. Hopefully, if I can keep contributing, then long may it continue.

Top of the table, going into a tough game next week, that must fill the players with a lot of confidence going to West Brom?

Definitely yeah. Speaking from my point of view, I thought there was a bit of pressure on it against Wigan, playing after everyone else. There was a pressure on us to win the game, and stay with the pack. We've done that, we've gone top of the league, and yeah I'm looking forward to next week.

When results go as they did on Saturday, and you've got the opportunities to win games like that against Wigan, you've got to take them...

There was that added extra, the manager told us that before the game, he was really on us. He did a good speech before we left the hotel and I think the lads come up trumps there in the end.

You'll all be looking forward to the West Brom game?

Yeah, it'll be a tough test, obviously, they were in the Premier League last year, and they've got some really good players, but we're full of confidence, and now after going away and winning, we're looking forward to it.