Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League and Leeds United to inspire and engage primary children

Primary Stars

Our Premier League Primary Stars Programme uses the appeal of the Premier League and Leeds United to inspire and engage primary children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. We do this by supporting a range of subjects from English and Maths to Physical Education and PSHE. We work alongside teachers in PE to help improve their skills, confidence, and knowledge in delivering high quality sustainable lessons. We deliver assemblies to address topics such as discrimination, host city wide competitions and deliver school sports days.  

Building positive relationships with schools is key; 

●      We listen to our partners to provide a bespoke offer, tailored to meet school need

●      We profile schools and assign staff to suit

Throughout the delivery, we have focussed on creating a positive learning environment, encouraging respect and teamwork. We adhere to individual school values and behavioural strategies, and further support these with the implementation of the PLPS core values; Be Connected, Be Inspiring, Be Fair and Be Ambitious.

Impact / Outcomes

  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of teachers to improve delivery of PE and school sport
  • Increase children’s enjoyment, participation and skills in competitive and non-competitive sports and physical activity
  • Increase children’s understanding of the personal skills and values needed to achieve their goals
  • Enhance children’s interest, understanding and confidence in English and Maths 

How To book: To discuss the Primary Stars Project and the offers available to your school please contact our Schools Partnership Lead and/or our Premier League Primary Stars Lead

Contact Details: Email: or

Telephone: 0113 367 6014