Supporters travelling to the Riverside Stadium

Supporters travelling to the Riverside Stadium

Fan behaviour on the road.

Leeds United travel to the Riverside Stadium on Monday evening as they face Middlesbrough in the Sky Bet Championship, and we would like to thank every supporter that will be making the journey for the weeknight fixture.

During your trip, please remember that we are all representing not only Leeds United Football Club, but also the city of Leeds, and we ask that you behave in an appropriate manner and that you always show respect to other fans, staff and players.

Discriminatory language, tragedy chanting, and inappropriate gestures are not acceptable, whilst we also remind you to stay off the pitch at all times, as you could be breaking the law. The club condemns this behaviour and has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination abuse of all kinds, both at home and away fixtures.

We also ask that during your trip, you:

  • Remember that the use of flares, pyrotechnics and smoke bombs are strictly forbidden.
  • Remain in the seat you have purchased, and refrain from standing on your seats and blocking aisles in the away section.
  • Keep others as safe as possible at all times. There has been an increased number of accidents in the stands during celebrations and during pre-match and half-time concourse activities, so please be aware of those around you at all times.
  • Stay off the pitch at all times. It is against the law to enter the pitch at any time and anyone who does so will face a ban and police action. All fans must respect that the pitch is for players and stands are for spectators.

If you have any questions relating to behaviour or incidents at away games, please email