Information for Parents & Carers

Supporting parents and carers is a very important part of our safeguarding team

Parents & Carers Information

At the Foundation, we value the support that parents and Carers can give a young person or adult at risk and therefore see you as a very important part of our safeguarding team.

The NSPCC has produced some guidance for you, as well as a short training video that can be accessed here:

We have also produced an information leaflet that you can share with your child and another you can share with an adult to explain what safeguarding means, what to look out for and who to contact if they are unsure about something that concerns them.

These can be found in the safeguarding documents section (‘Safeguarding Guide for Young People’ and ‘Safeguarding Guide for Adults’) along with our safeguarding, whistleblowing and complaints policies.

We would welcome any feedback on our safeguarding policies and procedures, or if you wish to discuss something that concerns you.
Our safeguarding team can be contacted here: or by contacting individual team members listed in the safeguarding team section (link)