Mobile Ticket FAQs

A mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive your match ticket whilst increasing protection against fraud. It is also an easy way to go green by printing less paper therefore better for our environment.

It’s our effort to make your Leeds United experience the very best.

Mobile Tickets are digital passes that are stored within Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Mobile Tickets use NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and are used for secure contactless entry into Elland Road by presenting your device to the reader at the turnstile.


Models supported are:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 and later
  • All Face ID iPhones and all Touch ID iPhones except 5s

All devices should be updated to the latest software versions.

Please click here for further details.  


Android Phones supporting Google Pay. Please note, almost all android devices now support Google Pay. Google Pay must be installed and up to date, and NFC must be enabled. 

Check on link below:

To check if your Android phone has NFC:

  • Open Settings.
  • In the 'Search settings bar, type 'NFC'.
  • Tap and turn on NFC.
  • If you can't find NFC, your phone will not support Mobile Tickets.

To set up Google Pay on your Android Phone, please watch the step by step video below.

How to Config Google Pay

Once you have completed the online checkout process you will then receive an email confirming your booking that includes a link to add the mobile ticket to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

If you are buying multiple tickets for supporters who are linked to your friends & family, your email confirmation will include a link for each individual ticket holder.  You can choose to download all tickets to your smartphone or forward the email to the individual ticket holders so that they can download their ticket to their own smart device.   

If you purchase multiple fixtures at the same time, you will receive one email containing a link for each match.

As a 2022/23 season ticket holder, you will receive an email containing a link to download your mobile season ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your smart device.  

The club will dispatch these emails throughout July. All emails will be dispatched by Friday 22nd July and will be sent to the payment owner.  

If you purchased multiple season tickets for supporters who are linked to your friends & family in one transaction, your email will include a link for each individual season ticket holder.  You can choose to download all tickets to your smartphone or forward the email to the individual ticket holders so that they can download their ticket to their own smart device.  

In advance of Friday 8th July all season ticket holders are urged to log into their online account to check that email address is correct. Please click here to log onto your ticketing account. Once logged in, you need to click edit on ‘My Profile’ to view your email address. 

As stated above, you will receive your mobile ticket (match tickets or season tickets) via email, once this has been received:

1)    Open your email on your smart device

2)    Tap on the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ or ‘Save to Google Pay’ button

3)    Complete the process to add the pass to wallet

Important: To enter the stadium, your mobile ticket MUST be downloaded into your Apple Wallet or Google Pay (Android).

We recommend that you download your tickets as soon as you receive your email so that you are ready for match day.

How to Upload Pass From Email to Google Pay

How to Upload Pass From Email to Apple Wallet

Please ensure that your default browser is set to Google Chrome on your mobile device before clicking the link in your email to download. 

If you are unsure how to check your default browser, please follow the steps below:

  • Settings
  • Select APPS
  • Select 3 dots and click 'default apps'
  • Check default browser. If not Google Chrome, change to Chrome
  • Now try download link again

Please ensure you have GPay (Google Pay / Wallet) downloaded and enabled on your Android device. Please click here for more information.

If you have followed these steps and are still unable to download your mobile ticket, please call the Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.

You can check to see if this process has been successful by scrolling through your live passes in Apple Wallet or the ‘Passes’ tab of Google Pay.

Click here to see how to ‘Find your Mobile Ticket’ on your smart phone.

How To Find My Mobile Ticket

Yes, multiple mobile tickets can be downloaded to a single smart phone / smart watch, once selected you can swipe left and right to view all tickets.

If you don’t have a smartphone (iPhone, Apple Watch, Android Phone, or smartwatch), you can send your email containing the link to your mobile ticket to a friend or family member you are attending with who can download the ticket onto their phone and enter with you.

Important: To enter the stadium, your mobile ticket MUST be downloaded into your Apple Wallet or Google Pay (Android).

We recommend that you download your tickets as soon as you receive your email so that you are ready for match day.

Once at the stadium, as you approach the turnstile, open your Apple Wallet or Google Pay and locate the correct ticket. Ensure you do not have any bank or other contactless cards at the back of your phone case.

To gain access, look for the contactless NFC logo on the reader and simply tap your phone close to the screen as indicated.

If you have multiple tickets on one device, remember to scan them at the turnstile one at a time.

How to Scan your Mobile Ticket

Ideally, each supporter would have their own mobile device however we do understand not everyone has a personal mobile phone, particularly our younger supporters.

More than one mobile ticket can be loaded to one smart phone (although each mobile ticket can only be loaded once). If your child or anyone in your group does not have a mobile device with (Mobile Wallet) or NFC capability, we would recommend loading their ticket to your smart phone.

When accessing tickets on your mobile device, you will be able to swipe left and right between different tickets to find the correct one to scan. When approaching the turnstile please have the child's ticket ready first, scan that mobile ticket and let the child go through the turnstile before scanning and entering on your own mobile ticket.

No. A screenshot of your mobile ticket or the email confirming your mobile ticket WILL NOT permit you entry to the stadium on a matchday. You need to download your mobile ticket from the link in your booking confirmation email.

Your mobile device does not require WIFI connectivity or signal on matchday as long as your Mobile Season Ticket / match ticket is already in your Apple Wallet/Google Pay app prior to arriving at Elland Road.

All supporters are strongly advised to download their mobile tickets into their Apple Wallet/ Google Pay app as soon as they receive their email and prior to match day.

You will not be able to gain entry if your phone is not charged. On match day, please ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged.

Yes. General admission Season Ticket Holders will be able to forward their mobile season ticket to another supporter for a home league game that they are unable to attend. However, the supporter who they are forwarding their ticket to must be linked to their ticketing account via the ‘My Friends & Family’ option and also be a 2022/23 Member.

To manage your Friends & Family relationships within your ticketing network, please click here to log into your online account.

Further information and instructions of how to forward your mobile season ticket will be emailed to all season ticket holders in due course.

Terms and conditions apply.

When tickets are cancelled, your mobile tickets will be updated in your Apple Wallet / Google Pay and greyed out and you will no longer be able to tap for entry at the stadium.

Should you have any queries regarding mobile tickets please contact the Leeds United Ticket Office on 0371 334 1992.

For the best match day experience please ensure that you enable automatic and notifications for your ticket in your Apple Wallet:

  1. Open Apple Wallet
  2. Select your ticket
  3. Tap the 3 dots on the top right of the screen to access the back of your pass and ensure that the switch is on for Automatic Updates, Allow Notifications and Suggest on Lock Screen.
  4. Please ensure that you have not disabled Wallet notifications in Settings => Notifications.

You will receive a notification as you approach Elland Road indicating the contactless ticket(s) you have available.

When you approach the reader, tap the notification to select your ticket, look for the contactless logo on the reader and tap your iPhone or Apple Watch.

If you have multiple contactless tickets, you can swipe left or right to access them one at a time and present to the reader for access.

To access your contactless tickets without a notification open Apple Wallet and scroll to find the right ticket. 

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