Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

USA international tells us about what it means.

Across the USA, Thursday 24th November is Thanksgiving! 

Brenden Aaronson has been sharing his thoughts on what the day means to him and his family, and whilst playing for his nation at the World Cup, how he will be spending it. 

What does the day mean to you? 

“It’s getting to see your family that you might not be able to connect with, very often.

“I know my family, a lot of them are in California, so sometimes we’re able to have it together and it’s a special time. 

“In our family we all go around the table and each of us say what we are thankful for and that’s a big thing for us.

“It’s a special day for an American, for sure!”

What do you normally do on Thanksgiving, and what will you be doing this time? 

“On my last Thanksgiving I was on my own, so that was in my feels, you know… 

“But now I am hanging out with him [points at Tyler Adams], we’ll be together with the national team which is pretty cool.

“Our family will be there as well, so that will be awesome.

“Thanksgiving is always a big, big night for NFL football, so normally we would be locked in on the games. 

“Of course we would help with setting the table and stuff, but we’d be looking at our fantasy teams whilst doing it!"

What are you thankful for, this Thanksgiving? 

“Playing with Tyler Adams! 

“I think for me, the support system we both have is huge. My grandparents are over here and they are 78 and 79, which is unbelievable. 

“They’re so supportive and that’s what I am most thankful for, because I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have them, that’s for sure."

Which result have you been most thankful for, whilst at Leeds? 

“Liverpool away!

“That was a massive result for us, it got us going again, everyone is confident again so it feels good right now.  

“Other than that, my debut. That Wolves game was cool.

"I would even say the Chelsea game as well! It was so loud. 

“I remember coming in at half-time and my ears were ringing, that was the loudest game I have ever been apart of I think.”

An important part… what will you be cooking, or usually eating? 

“I don’t cook… ever! 

“Number one, Turkey, 100%! Two is stuffing. Then, good gravy, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes and sweet potatoes too. 

“My grandma makes sweet potato with marshmallows on top which is unbelievable.  

“Those things are the priority then the sweet tooth stuff comes at the end. That can be dangerous! 

“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!”