Rebekah Bass: We should be aiming to be at the top

Rebekah Bass: We should be aiming to be at the top

Full-back gives her thoughts on signing for the club!

Rebekah Bass has joined Leeds United Women and has spoken of her delight at joining the club she loves so much. 

The defender returns to her home side after leaving as a youngster, and she can’t wait to pull the Leeds United shirt back on when games get going again.

Rebekah, welcome back to Leeds United Women, tell us a bit about why you’ve decided to join the club? 

“Leeds is my club. I am a Leeds girl, I have supported Leeds all my life, played for them growing up and I wanted to come home! It was an easy choice, absolutely. Everyone knows I am a Leeds diehard, so I spoke to Dan and it was something I couldn’t really turn down, it’s Leeds, I wanted to be back here. All my family and friends love the club, my life is full of it! Everyone around me is full on proper Leeds, so when I told them I was signing they were all delighted for me. It’s something that we can all take huge pride in.”

You are joining from Middlesbrough who are playing in the league above, will you be itching to get straight back up a league with Leeds?  

“I spoke to Dan and Julie over the weekend and to me, that’s where I want to be, it’s where this club deserves to be, Leeds United deserve to be at the top. It is such a great club for both men and women’s football and we should be aiming to be at the top. I want to play a part in getting back into the higher league and with the players and coaches we have this year, hopefully we can start that process to get up there. That’s my ambition too, that’s what I want to do. When I was a 16-year-old and Leeds didn’t get into the Super League it really broke my heart, that’s why I left, so now I am coming back I want to play a big part in helping us to get promoted and back up there where we belong.”

Jon Howe

So that’s why you want to be at the club, now tell us a bit about yourself as a player, what can we expect to see from you? 

“I am never quiet, that’s for sure! I am always talking and being positive to our players. I absolutely love a tackle, I’ll by flying about all over the pitch. I just want to enjoy my football to be honest, I am at an age now where I want to play, I want to win games and enjoy myself. I work hard, I come to training and put in 100% so we want to try and get that off all the girls. I told Dan and Julie over the weekend that I would bring that to the club, anywhere I’ve been you can only ask for 100% from anyone and if you can get that week in week out, the performances will come and we will win games. 

“I’ve played right-back for the last few years at Middlesbrough, but I have played all over the park. Wherever the coaches see me playing, I just want to play football at the end of the day. Also, I was captain at Boro last season, I feel I am quite an experienced player so I just want to bring that to the team and help the girls best I can. There are a lot of leaders in this team so I feel that I can help with the group and add to what is already here, hopefully we can all come together.”

There are a few familiar faces within the team for you, just how good does it feel to be able to go back out onto the pitch and play some games, also linking back up with people you know? 

“Absolutely delighted to be back playing. Up at Boro we had a really stop-start season, we were playing, then we stopped, then played again, then stopped again. Then everything got cancelled and ended so to be able to be back training and playing again is an unbelievable feeling. I can’t wait for the proper games to begin, I am buzzing for it. 

“There’s a couple of friends I have in the team, I know our captain Bridie Hannon really well and I played with Olivia Smart when I was younger, we used to call her DJ back then! There’s a few I have played against and also some I have never met, so it will be great to get to know everyone. I think in every team relationships on and off the pitch are massive. You have to start them off in pre-season and then build on them in the season.”

Jon Howe