A joint statement from the club and Leeds Fans Utd...

Both Leeds United and Leeds Fans Utd are in agreement that the club is being treated unfairly by Sky and the Football League, and will be working together to come up with a mutually beneficial solution that ensures supporters are no longer being unfairly penalised by fixture changes.

United chairman, Massimo Cellino, said: “We are frustrated by the fixture changes but we never intended to penalise our own supporters at away games - we have listened to their concerns and acted on them.

“We also considered their safety as we understand that many would attempt to buy tickets in home areas.

“We will now work with the fans to find a peaceful way that shows our disappointment without taking something away from them. That will be crucial if we are to achieve what we need to."

Dylan Thwaites, Chief Executive of Leeds Fans Utd, said: “We look forward to partnering with Massimo and the club to make this work for everyone. Our away support is second to none for their commitment to following the team all over the country.

“We hear the frustrations from supporters who have to miss games or pay extra money because of amended fixtures. We will all work together to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”

Following discussions today between the two parties, it has been agreed that the 2,000 tickets restriction for away supporters will be lifted with immediate effect.

The club maintains its position that it can determine the number of tickets to be sold to its supporters for away games.