Georgi, Junior & Ilia: This Club Has An Amazing Story

Georgi, Junior & Ilia: This Club Has An Amazing Story

The Leeds United trio recently teamed up with JD Sports for an exclusive live event

After the success of the first live episode in November, the Leeds United podcast returned to JD Sports' store in Leeds City Centre recently, this time joined by Leeds United trio Georginio, Junior Firpo and Ilia Gruev.

The three stars answered questions from our hosts Emma Jones and Jermaine Beckford, discussing everything from the season so far to local delicacies, before a Q&A and meeting over 100 fans for the exclusive event.

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Key Quotes From The Podcast:

Ilia, what's the camaraderie like amongst the team?

"I would say it's quite nice to go into the dressing room, you enjoy being with the lads, a lot of players are the same age, so we laugh a lot, enjoy time together, and when you get good results, it's easier to work. It's a pleasure to be there every day, which is not normal in this business, so I'm really enjoying it."

Junior, you seem to be really enjoying your football at the moment?

"Yeah, it's my third season, the first two weren't as good as this one, but I can say I'm really enjoying it right now. I'm fit, fingers crossed, stay fit, and that's the best feeling, so yeah I'm really happy."

  Georginio pictured at the JD Live event

Georgi, what sets this club apart?

"I enjoy playing here, because the fans are always behind us. After the away game against Blackburn, 7,000 fans, it was amazing. When you start playing football as a kid, your dream is to play for the fans and here, you have a city where everybody likes Leeds. The support is amazing every time, like it was against Hull and Leicester, and this club has an amazing story."

Ilia, what was the first time walking out at Elland Road like for you?

"When I made my first start at Elland Road, I walked out and heard everyone singing Marching On Together. It gives you extra motivation to show everyone that when the players and fans come together, you can win at home and create something special. This is extraordinary.

"It's a club, that I think everyone knows outside of the UK, one with lots of tradition. I knew about it when I played in Germany, and everyone knows the club when I'm back in Bulgaria. Now, when I play for Leeds, everyone recognises me more, it's a very big club, but you have to experience it."

  Ilia Gruev and Junior Firpo pictured at the JD Live event

Junior, how have you found the reception from fans around the city?

"It's different. I've been at two other big clubs [Barcelona and Real Betis] before Leeds. This city, you know when you're in love with something so much, that's our fans with this club, the loyalty, it's unbelievable.

"As Georgi says, when we go away and there's the 7,000 fans and you can hear our fans more than the home fans, it's unbelievable. I'm walking around the city and I don't see any other shirts, I'm from Malaga, and you see Madrid, Barca, but here, everyone supports Leeds, that's crazy."

Jacob, aged 7, asks what advice would you give to an aspiring footballer?

Ilia: "Enjoy football, be with your friends, play as much as you can, have fun at this age, that's the only thing I did. I didn't think about anything else, I only wanted to play with my friends."

Georginio: "Dream."

Georginio, Junior Firpo and Ilia Gruev pictured at the JD Live event

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