Club responds to stories released over the weekend...

Paul Bell, Executive Director of Leeds United, comments on stories that have appeared in the press over the weekend.

Last Thursday I attended a meeting organised by the Football League on behalf of all its member clubs.

The meeting was organised, like all previous Football League club meetings, so that clubs could discuss matters together, privately and confidentially.

It is therefore disappointing to read inaccurate press reports this morning quoting 'sources' from within the meeting.

Given the nature of the article, I feel that it is important and necessary to set the record straight.

I would like to make it clear that Leeds United is not seeking, nor has it taken legal action, to dismantle the collective selling of TV rights as has been suggested. 

This model has proven extremely successful for some of the biggest leagues around the world, none more so than the Premier League.

The revenues received by all clubs from the sale of their domestic broadcast rights and overseas broadcast rights are vital to the long-term health and survival of clubs.

The club has, however, made it clear to both Sky and the League that it opposes the degree of control exercised by Sky over the league fixture list, and seeks transparency as to how these rights have been sold.

During the meeting, I outlined our position to all the other chief executives and senior personnel present, helping to provide everyone with a clear understanding of the issues that we are raising, issues that affect all of the league clubs.

Today's article seeks to position Leeds United as a lone, isolated voice. However, this is far from the truth and there is a growing number of clubs who now understand and share our desire for transparency.

It is our duty to protect the long term interests of the club and our passionate supporters. Therefore, we will continue to pursue these issues with the Football League.

We will endeavour to share what information we can, at the appropriate stages, through the club's official website.