Gjanni Alioski: I thank Leeds for bringing him here

Gjanni Alioski: I thank Leeds for bringing him here

Leeds United star Gjanni Alioski answers your questions

As part of Deliveroo's new series #Ask, fans were asked to put forward their questions for Leeds United star Gjanni Alioski. We caught up with the man himself, and he answered as many as possible over 15 minutes.

Read some of his answers below, or watch the full episode now:

How are you coping being locked up in the house all day?

"It's not easy, but at this time, everybody has everything they need at home. You can always find something to do, like go on the PlayStation or watch films on Netflix. Some read books, not me though."

Which team did you support as a kid, and who was your favourite player?

"It was always Real Madrid. It was the team of my idol Roberto Carlos, I liked him a lot, and that's why they were my favourite team. I played left back like him, I liked how he played football in this position,  and he could shoot as well."

How many languages do you speak?

"Five or six languages. German, Italian, English, Albanian, Macedonian, French and a little Spanish."

Favourite moment of your career?

"Everybody has good moments, but the best one (promotion) is still to come, and I will wait for this."

Favourite game for Leeds United?

"We've had a lot of nice games, but when we won 3-2 against Aston Villa, that was beautiful, and then the 4-0 win at home against West Bromwich Albion was a crazy game that you'll always remember."

What's your favourite Leeds United goal you've scored?

"The first goal I scored when I came here, we played Nottingham Forest, and I will always remember this. I saw all the fans celebrating, and I just thought "Wow, I love it where I am".

Who is the best player you've played with?

"There's a few good players, so I can't just pin it down to one. At Leeds, I think everyone will say it's Pablo. We know he's got that experience, he's a really good player, and you can also learn a lot from him.

Then I also have Goran Pandev, Enis Bardhi, and Elif Elmas who play for the national team and are good quality players. Some names you know, some will pass you by, but a player like Gordan Pandev who has won the Champions League and everything in Italy, I remember him."

Who is the best player you've played against?

"[Sergio] Ramos!"

Favourite Peppa Pig character?

George and Peppa

How much do you enjoy shaking tunnels?

"I like it because you make all the security staff nervous and angry when we play away. When I see my teammates like it, then it's good, and when they don't like it, I don't need to do it. I started doing it last year and because we won, I think that I need to keep doing it."

How does it feel knowing there are accounts dedicated to #GjanniCam?

"I follow them! I don't know if it's a him or her, but I like it. I saw the account and that they've got every video there. I don't know how they do this, but I need to meet the person that set it up, and I hope that we will bring it back and have more Gjanni Cams."

How do you think your teammates would describe you?

"They'd probably say I'm crazy, but they're wrong, I'm a lovely guy. I have a big heart, I always smile, of course I'm a little crazy, but this you need to be in the good moments."

What did Pontus say last season that annoyed you so much?

"He loved me (laughs). No, he didn't actually say anything. He hit me on the back, and it made me angry. It happened in the moment, and no one understood why."

Which teammate are you closest to?

"I'm really close to Gaetano, as we both speak Italian, and Pablo. With Gaetano, he's from Switzerland, and from the beginning he told the guys I'm going to come here, that he would watch out for me, and since then we've had this nice friendship together."

What was the "Keeeeviiiinnnnn" video all about?

"Yeah, I was in the whirlpool after training. I had watched Home Along, and I heard it in the film, when the mum shouted "Kevin!". When I saw Kalvin, I couldn't stop saying it."

What do you like to do outside of football?

"Before I liked to play ping pong and tennis. I like it still but I have less time. I like to go out when it's good weather to drink coffee and relax. Leeds is beautiful, you can enjoy it and do a lot of things. When the weather is good you have a lot of nice parks, and with the city centre you have everything there, you don't need to go to London or anywhere, as it's got more."

What is your favourite takeaway?

"My favourite place to order from is Whitehall Restaurant, which is nice, and it has very good food. I like the people that work there, they're very good, and it's on Deliveroo. They do nice chicken wings, fish, pasta, everything really."

What type of music do you like to listen to?

"Hip Hop, Latino and music from my culture, Albanian Balkan music, it's nice. I don't have a favourite band, at the moment I'm listening to a lot of Nicky Jam and Drake, but I switch between a few."

Which PlayStation games are you playing at the moment?

"FIFA or Call of Duty. I play mostly the FUT Champions tournament, where you have about 30 games. It's difficult to win them all, I tend to win about 23, which isn't too bad."

What's it like to play under Marcelo?

"I want to say thank you to Leeds for bringing him here and to god that he's here. You learn a lot from him, not only as a footballer, but also as a person. He's helped turn me into a better player, and I have a big respect for him. I wish for him and the team, because of what he has done with us, that the hard work pays off, and that he can show to everyone that he's one of the best coaches in the world."

What was it like to play at Elland Road for the first time?

"I said that when I scored my first goal away, the fans were crazy. At Elland Road, with triple the amount of fans there, not just one game but every game, to play there, it's not easy. For the fans that push you, when you don't win, this hurts you, as you can't give them what they deserve. The best moment is when you win, and see how they celebrate. I miss that in this moment. I hope that we're back soon and back together with the fans."