Connor Roberts: I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

Connor Roberts: I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

The Welshman chats to Bridgey and Matt for the Leeds United podcast

The latest episode of the Leeds United Podcast is out and Leeds United defender Connor Roberts joins Michael Bridges and Matthew Lewis to discuss everything from his fellow Welsh teammates, to the atmosphere at Elland Road.

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Key Quotes From The Podcast:

Connor, how are you settling in Leeds and did your expect that sort of atmosphere against Leicester?

“I’ve settled in nicely, been here for a few weeks now and I’ve come off the bench a few times and looking forward to the final games of the season. 

“My wife has been to watch me numerous times playing for different clubs, playing for my country and things like that and she said it was the best atmosphere she’s experienced. There was a moment where the ball went out for a throw in and I had split second a moment to myself where I thought ‘wow this is going off here’ and after the game it was brilliant as well. 

“As footballers, as fans, as supporters of any sport you want to be involved in nights like that and I’m sure that every Leeds fan will hopefully remember that night as a special one in years to come.”

You’ve talked about how you quite liked the idea of playing for Leeds even earlier in your career haven’t you?

“Yeah definitely, I think when you achieve things, win games, score goals, whatever it may be, the passionate fans Leeds have helped amplify things even better. 

“I’ve scored goals and, it’s stupid to say, but you post a photo on social media while I was with my previous clubs and the response is obviously brilliant but then I did it for Leeds and it kind of blew up and it was the most likes I’d ever had so it put into perspective how many fans Leeds have so it’s a bit mental to be honest.” 

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As well as you liking the idea of Leeds, you also felt that Leeds might like the idea of you, your personality and the way you play didn’t you?

"To be honest, I think I saw a tweet that one of my friends sent to me and it was something along the lines of ‘Connor Roberts doesn’t know whether he wants to start a scrap’ and that’s me I just want to get out there, wear my heart on my sleeve and do as best as I can and if that means fighting the whole team then it’s fighting the whole team. 

“You have to try and bring your personality to every team you play for, every club you play for, every moment you’re involved in. For me, coming to a club like Leeds, the more special moments I can achieve between now and the end of the season the better.”

Did Daniel Farke’s style of play help convince you to join as well as already speaking to the Welsh lads?

“When the chance came around to come here it was something I really wanted to do, speaking to the other Welsh lads they told me about Daniel Farke and he’s obviously a really good manager, he knows exactly what he wants, I think it’s pretty evident what the manager wants and hopefully we can keep doing what he says between now and the end of the season.”

“At the end of the day, if I play all the games, half the games, a few of the games it doesn’t really bother me, I want to be stood on Elland Road being able to say I’ve achieved something with Leeds so that’s the plan.”

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There’s a lot of characters in this squad and especially Georginio, I saw a clip of him screaming in your face the other day, he’s nuts isn’t he?!

“Georgi is someone who is just full of laughs, lifts the mood and just wants to be happy. When you’re doing well and playing well then it’s amplified too. A lot of the time it’s about having a good group of players, that’s what gets you that little bit more success. 

“When you have such a talented squad, you obviously need that bit of personality, just something different amongst the group and the group gets you through nights like the other night. There could be other groups where you’re not playing well, crumble, go three goals down and players check out and think ‘that’s not for me’ but if you have a group with personality it gets you through nights like that.”

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