Leeds United duo attend Black History Month workshop

Leeds United duo attend Black History Month workshop

Ethan and Willy meet youngsters through Foundation visit.

Ethan Ampadu and Willy Gnonto paid a special visit to Beechwood Primary School recently to take part in a Black History Month workshop with the Leeds United Foundation.

The Leeds United duo joined young students as they were discussing and celebrating black female icons, learning more about what they have achieved, how they have paved the way and the impact they have had on generations today.

During the session the Italy and Wales internationals were on hand to support the children with their No Room For Racism and Together Against Racism worksheets, whilst the pupils shared their research and thoughts before a couple of youngsters took to the front of the classroom to read aloud who they had chosen to celebrate and why.

Ethan Ampadu spoke to LUTV during the visit, and he said: “It’s so important for us to come along and get involved in things like this, raising awareness around important topics and making sure that everyone knows that the world is full of diversity, with lots of different cultures and different backgrounds to learn about. Growing up we probably didn’t learn about that as much, and it’s great that you can see the kids today are learning more about it.”

Rebecca Magill, Assistant Headteacher at Beechwood Primary added: “The kids have absolutely loved today, you could see from their faces that they were just blown away and so excited and shocked that those players would want to come to meet our kids at our school, it’s just something that we’ll remember forever.

“We celebrate Black History Month every October at school, but we also make sure that we are constantly looking at diversity through different authors and different stories. I think the kids take a lot away from sessions like today, and we’re trying to teach them to see everyone as equal and help shape the next generation.

“It’s amazing to see how much they enjoy learning about important figures of the past and want to come up with ideas around how they can make the world a better place.”

The club’s official charity work in primary schools across Leeds throughout the week as part of their work with the Premier League Primary Stars programme, using the power of football and Leeds United to engage children in sport and education. One of the topics they do a lot of work around is equality and diversity, to ensure key campaigns and events are celebrated and discussed and to encourage positivity and inclusion.

Tom Hall, the Premier League Primary Stars coach that delivered the session on Black History Month, said: “Any negativity such as racism comes from ignorance and a lack of education, so by us coming in and doing workshops like this, talking about idols from different cultures and backgrounds, and learning how they’ve lead the way and how amazing these people have been, will hopefully help young students to consider their actions and embrace people that are different to them.”

If you would like any further information around the work being done to celebrate Black History Month though the Leeds United Foundation, please contact Tara.Nolan@leedsunited.com