Foundation continue work with Planet League Campaign

Foundation continue work with Planet League Campaign

Great work being done with climate action campaign.

The Leeds United Foundation have been continuing to show their support for Britain’s biggest climate action football campaign, the Planet League Cup.

There are currently 76 professional football clubs, including Leeds United, involved in the Planet League Cup, as well as 15 County FAs and hundreds of grassroots football clubs and schools - engaging fans across the country on climate action.

During the first phase of the campaign, the coaches within the club's official charity have been working closely within their departments to get as many people involved as possible throughout the city, with 151 individuals/families/schools signing up.

So far, the five-week sustainability tournament has given people the chance to score goals for their club by completing various green activities, which could consist of a number of things such as having a meat-free meal, using the car less or filling up reusable bottles with tap water. Leeds United are currently sitting in the top 10 in the league table, having scored a total of 4,863 goals, with 1,950 different actions taken by those participating for the club.

The club’s official charity will once again be involved in the second phase of the campaign next year, and they will continue to encourage participants and families through their wide range of programmes to take part in the campaign, with every green activity completed being added to the club’s tally with the aim of eventually winning the Planet League Cup.

If you would like any more information about the Planet League Cup or would like to get involved, please click here.