Patrick Bamford: The lads deserve a lot of credit

Striker after goal and assist against Fulham.


Patrick Bamford scored the first and set up the second as his side secured three points in London, for the first time since 2017!

Putting the Whites ahead to get his 14th of the campaign, Bamford then played in Raphinha to get the winner and send Leeds home with the win, moving into 11th place in the table.

“I think to be honest the lads deserve a lot of credit,” Bamford explained.

“They did a lot of my running tonight as I was struggling from the get-go, so they probably had to put more in than they were used to and I was just trying to help as much as I could!

“I knew it was a matter of how long I could last and fortunately I got to 76 minutes before the legs packed in.

After scoring in the first half, Leeds were pegged back before the break but went on to win it in the second half.

Bamford said: “It was a crisp finish… straight off my shin!

“It went where I wanted it to go, but I should have scored earlier on in the game. I heard Tyler call and for some reason I back heeled it.

“I was kicking myself for that, I should have shot then, the first goal was important tonight.

“For the majority, we controlled the game. There were spells where we lost the ball or the football was going to and from each team, that was just being sloppy I think.

“We created a lot of chances and it could have been more, I haven’t seen the VAR goal but apart from that we created some good chances as well.

“I think the result was fair. Fulham are a lot better team than when we played them the last time around, they’ll definitely be fighting and I think they might get out of it.”

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