Norwich City: Please stay off the pitch

A reminder around fan behaviour.

Pitch incursion banner.jpg

Ahead of our second-leg Sky Bet Championship Play-Off match against Norwich City on Thursday evening, we would like to remind all supporters around expected behaviours and to stay off the pitch at all times.

Please note the club could also be hit with sanctions under FA Disciplinary Regulations Rule 40, including but not limited to; a reprimand and/or warning, financial penalty, suspension/expulsion, points deduction, partial stadium closure – the closure of a stand (or part thereof) of a club’s stadium for a specific number of matches, a full stadium closure – the closure of a club’s stadium for a specified number of matches (i.e. the playing of a match or matches without spectators being present) and costs for the regulatory commission.

We would also like to remind supporters around acting responsibly throughout the matchday. We ask that you show your support in a positive way to ensure the safety of everyone.

Tough measures and sanctions are in place across all leagues to tackle dangerous and illegal behaviours and this includes discriminatory behaviour and the use of pyros and throwing objects.

Similar to those who try to enter the pitch, any of these behaviours could lead to automatic club bans and police action.

If you would like to report any inappropriate behaviour, including racist or homophobic language or tragedy chanting, please text LEEDS along with any relevant information about the incident to 60006.

Please think about your actions and stay off the pitch.

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