NHS catch up with defender Olivia Smart

Leeds United Women's star and practitioner sits down with NHS Comms Team.

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The multi-talented Olivia Smart, defender for the Leeds United Women’s first team and trainee advanced practitioner at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, caught up with the Communications team at the NHS to discuss her two important roles.

Q - What’s your role at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals?

A - My role within the Trust is that of a trainee advanced practitioner. I work within the liver transplant and organ retrieval team. The majority of my job is organ retrieval and I do that up and down the country, usually at night! When we're not on the road I see patients for surgery in the clinic and operate in general surgery theatre lists.

Q - And you have another job?

A - I can't really call it a job, who calls their hobby a job, and I am lucky enough to get to do it very often. I play for Leeds United Women and I have been since I was scouted for them at the age of 10, I couldn't imagine ever playing for another team.

Q - How have you been involved in the vaccination programme?

A - I've been involved since December (2020) on a voluntary basis, with the majority of my time working as a vaccinator. I spent a lot of time vaccinating NHS and social work staff but was lucky enough to administer the first vaccination at Elland Road to a member of the public - a moment I'll never forget.

After 12 months of struggle, this is the light at the end of the tunnel. It truly is fantastic that such hard work and commitment has managed to develop a vaccine in such a short time. Be sure to get vaccinated when you get the chance!

Q - How do you stay fit and well?

A - I am very fortunate that my friends and family are a great support network and I have fantastic colleagues who have gone above and beyond to support one another. Running, like a lot of people has become my exercise routine and for me it has provided some of the mental escape I used to get from football. And Yorkshire is so beautiful, so running or walking is great.

I also think that setting daily tasks is important no matter how big or small they may be. Each day a small achievement, from getting in my 10,000 steps, to avoiding taking the lift for a day, has had such a positive impact on my mindset.

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