Cath Hamill: The club means a lot to me

We catch up with Leeds United Women defender.

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Central-defender Cath Hamill has been unable to play with her Leeds United Women’s teammates over the last few months.

During what has been a tough time across the globe, we got to know Cath a little better, asking about what she has been doing to keep busy and about her footballing career so far.

Cath, away from football, what are you up to at the minute and how are you keeping busy?

“I am all about routine, it keeps me going. I get up quite early, get my exercise and workouts done before the day starts.

“I am at University at the moment and on furlough from work, so I am getting through some assessments and meeting deadlines, it’s keeping me busy.

“I am doing a Sports Exercise & Science degree at Leeds Trinity, it’s really different now it is all online. I much prefer seeing people in person but you have to keep going and keep focused.”

How did your football career and Leeds United Women journey begin, and can you tell us a bit about yourself as a player?

“I did gymnastics when I was young, then my friend at school asked me if I wanted to come to a training session. Ever since then, I played quite a lot then I joined Leeds when I was 13, and I have been there ever since!

“I am a centre-back but I have also played full-back a lot, you’ll always find me somewhere in defence. I am missing playing loads, it’s such a big release when you are there, being around the girls and spending two hours at training, then winning and playing well is a bonus.

“The club means a lot to me and plenty of others there. I’ve been around the team for a long part of my life, someone called me ‘one of the older ones’ the other day and I am only 23! This is my eleventh season, I have also been called me a veteran once and I am not sure about that just yet!”

Is it safe to say you’re a Leeds United fan too, as well as a player?

“I am a Leeds United fan, absolutely. I watch the men's team whenever I can. I struggled a bit with going to games as I always worked on a Saturday, then played on a Sunday, but I will always watch when I can.

“I love football in general, if I had work on the Saturday I would look forward to the late kick-off on a Saturday night, getting home and watching it.”

Just like the men’s team, you’ve had your highs and lows as well. What would it mean to get success for you and the group you’re with now?

“We’ve seen many ups and downs. The first season we came back as Leeds United Women was a tough season but I think we keep getting better.

“It’s just about sticking it out and we will get promoted one year. It’s so difficult as only goes up so you can’t afford to lose matches too often. All the girls and coaching staff have the same goal, so it is easier to keep focused when you’re all pushing for the same thing.

“To do it with girls I have grown up with and my home club, I would love to get promoted with this team. I am from just round the corner from Elland Road, so it would mean everything.”

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