Marcelo Bielsa On Hernandez & Berardi

Head coach pays tribute to departing heroes.

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In what has been a memorable campaign, the fans will be able to give a final farewell to two departing heroes, Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi this weekend.

The Whites will take on West Bromwich Albion at Elland Road, a game which will welcome back supporters to the stadium for the first time in over a year.

As announced this morning, Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi will both be leaving the club this summer, after such heroic service over a number of years.

Marcelo Bielsa gave his own tribute to the duo, after the news was announced.

“They’ve been a reference for Leeds, for the team, for the squad, for the fans,” the head coach stated.

“Two excellent professionals, great teammates and footballers who have been very influential and decisive.

“Sincerely throughout the three years I have had great respect for how they go about their profession and football wise they have a lot of ability too.

“For the club, we have great sadness that they will no longer be part of the institution. It’s a homage that they totally deserve, it’s by chance that they are able to play in front of fans in the last game of the season.

“It is very good luck that it is this way. It wouldn’t have been fair if they weren’t able to live that moment.

"In the subject of Pablo, and the same in the subject of Berardi, I would have been satisfied if they had continued in the squad that I manage.

“Berardi is a player whose football conditions I value a lot. I think he’s a current player that still has years of football in front of him, that’s why I also would have valued had he stayed.

“That for me is a very complete player, and he’s a team player. He’s a player that can resolve in every defensive position which he has done so and he’s very loved by everyone given that he gives everything.

“The duels with the forwards, they always found him with conditions to overcome them.

“The example was in the last game after a very long time without having played, he enters after the opponent had been superior to us in the first half and it is a team with important strikers, and he collaborates to neutralise the superiority Southampton had.

“Pablo at the start, he was the right winger of our team. After as an offensive midfielder, and he’s a player with football intelligence that is very, very high.

“He’s a player that finds the ball with a lot of ease, he’s a player that can see the movements of the team and pick the best pass and some technical resources that permit him to be able to do those things that he imagines that he sees.

“He’s a player that always wants the ball and when the game is easy it’s not easy to want the ball all the time but when the game is difficult of course it’s a virtue of having when you want the ball when you don’t have a lot of time.”

Grazie Gaetano, Gracias Pablo, thank you for the memories.

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