Marcelo Bielsa: I believe we lacked the final pass

Head coach on defeat to Villa.


Marcelo Bielsa gave his thoughts to the media after his were defeated at Elland Road, against Aston Villa.

Leeds went behind after five minutes and were unable to level the scores, in what was a frustrating evening for the Whites.

The head coach evaluated the game in his own views, following the full-time whistle.

“In the game I think we played better than the opponent,” Bielsa explained.

“We had many minutes of dominance. There were very few where we were dominated. In the first half we created more chances than they did, even if they scored the goal.

“In the first half we should have been ahead given the chances that we had but we didn’t defend as well in the first half, as we did in the second.

“In the second half we defended very well, we had the ball almost the whole of the second half but we created little danger.

“If I was responsible for Aston Villa I would say these players played very well.

“But from my position as the manager of Leeds, with what happened today, like is natural I observe the virtues of my team, not of the opponents and I believe we lacked the final pass.

“We lacked imagination to create unbalance in the final metres and we lacked precision when we had to cross from out wide into the box.

“I obviously do believe they defended well in the second half.”

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