Active Through Football host refugee tournament

Participants represent Leeds United.

ATF tournament banner.jpg

The Leeds United Foundation recently took part in an adults only refugee tournament in Liverpool, which is a first in the history of the club.

Ahead of World Refugee Day (20th June), the Active Through Football programme were able to invite 11 local refugees from the weekly sessions they deliver across the city, to represent Leeds United and the Leeds United Foundation.

On the day of the tournament, the group of players came up against Burnley, Everton, Shrewsbury, Foundation ’92 and Liverpool – who they successfully beat on penalties in the final to make them the overall winners of the Refugee Cup.

The Leeds United Foundation team were a credit to the club, displaying a professional attitude throughout, whilst being able to enjoy the exciting opportunity of playing in competitive matches, which was the first time for many of them.

The Active Through Football programme will now take part in a number of other refugee tournaments throughout the month, heading to Burnley on Friday 16th June for their next one.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation and those who took part on the day, and good luck to those playing in the second tournament as we continue to celebrate and honour refugees around the world.

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