From stadium gigs such as Queen, and the Kaiser
Chiefs, to evenings with Hollywood stars such as
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino; Elland
Road has been the venue of some fantastic
events throughout the years. See below for
our upcoming list of events.

Event Calendar

24th March - Bootleg Abba

On the 24th March we are inviting all Dancing Queens to Take a Chance, Take a Chance, Take a chance and join us down here at Elland Road for a night of entertainment thanking Abba for the Music with one of the best Abba tribute bands of all time - Bootleg Abba. 

The night will include a drinks reception, meal, the entertainment with a DJ and Disco to follow. 

Tickets are exceptional value for your Money Money Money priced at just £25pp or £40 for two. Be a Super Trouper and round up your friends, ensuring you don't miss anyone out - Does your mother know?

Voulez - Vous (aha) some tickets? Just click the link below or Ring Ring the ticket office on 0871 334 1992 and ask to Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie some tickets today!  


25th May - Lee Lard - The UKs Number 1 Peter Kay Tribute 

On the 25th May we are thrilled to announce the Number 1 Peter Kay tribute will be coming to Elland Road. 

Tickets are priced at just £10pp and yes we do deliver (not lamb, chicken or fish) your tickets straight to your door. 

No Rola Cola will be on sale but our bar will be open with other delights, along with sales of food on the night, garlic bread and cheesecake top of the list.

After the act there will also be a DJ and disco, and we can't wait to see the dances to the dance floor. 

Just click the link below or give the ticket office a call on 0871 334 1992 for an easy sale, you could even do it whilst dipping your hobnob in your brew.