Managing Director's latest programme notes.

Good afternoon and a warm welcome to Elland Road.

Our last home game against Bristol City demonstrated better than any other the power of the Elland Road crowd.  Not many clubs can generate great atmospheres to transform a team’s fortunes with such rousing and unconditional support.

Our head coach and players commented after the game how the crowd lifted the team and were ultimately to thank for an important point that was, ultimately, unlucky not to be three. While we believe that every supporter has the right to voice criticism, and our players are professionals who have broad shoulders to deal with it, Saturday reinforced the potential we have when our players and supporters are united.

The 20,000 Season Ticket Holders who have united behind the team this year are critical to our chances of success. Not only do they have the power to turn Elland Road into one of the hardest grounds in the country for visiting teams, but their financial commitment is essential to helping the club ensure we can invest in a team that can compete in this league.

In a week where we opened the Season Ticket renewal window there was renewed debate around the price of football. While ticketing revenue is increasingly marginal to Premier League clubs, who enjoy hundreds of millions of pounds of TV revenue, for teams in the Championship Season Ticket income is our financial lifeblood.

For Leeds United, Season Tickets represent by far our biggest income stream and 100 per cent of it is reinvested in the playing squad. The size of our Season Ticket base, is one of our few sources of financial advantage against rival clubs who enjoy huge Premier League parachute payments, or who operate on the boundaries of Financial Fair Play. However, our primary aim is to keep the price of watching Leeds affordable and open to all.

To ensure this our Season Ticket renewal 2018/19 announcement confirmed we have:

1 Frozen the renewal prices of season tickets for a fifth consecutive year. Season tickets now have an average 40 per cent discount versus the match-bymatch price. The best seat in the house still costs only £30 per game.

2 Extended the renewal window to six weeks to allow supporters more time to renew.

3 Continued our popular payment plan (taken up by 65 per cent of supporter last season) which allows fans to spread their payment over six months for a nominal cost.

4 Introduced A New Entry Price Point For New Season ticket holders of £349 (£135 less than the cheapest Season Ticket last year) which equates to just £15 per game.

5 Continued our commitment to young supporters by ensuring Under-11s can buy a Season Ticket for as little as £3 per game.

We believe this approach rewards the loyalty of our Season Ticket base by improving the discount they receive while providing an opportunity for new supporters to join us at a much more affordable price.

Our intention is to continue to fill Elland Road while simultaneously being able to invest in a team we can all be proud of.


Angus Kinnear

Managing Director