Pawel Cibicki tells us what he would do if he was in charge for the day..

In our ‘You’re the Gaffer’ feature we spoke to Leeds United’s Pawel Cibicki about what he would do if he was in charge for the day. Read about how he would manage his team’s play, formation choices and whether his players would wear a tracksuit or suit to games.

Tracksuit or suit? Tracksuit

Formation of choice? 4-3-3

Zonal or man marking? Man marking

What style would your team play? Attacking football

Which manager would you be most like? Jürgen Klopp

Who in the current Leeds squad would be your assistant manager? I’d bring a backroom trio, Pontus Jansson, Samuel Saiz and Ezgjan Alioksi.

You are playing your main rivals, do you talk them up or play it down? Talk them up

What fine would you introduce? None

What team bonding activity would you chose? Go Karting

You are in the Premier League- would you prefer Champions League qualification or winning the FA Cup? Champions League

You can sign any goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker in the world, who are they?

Gianluigi Buffon, Marcelo, Luka Modric, Lionel Messi.