Kalvin Phillips is up next to tell us about what makes his Christmas, perfect!

Whites midfielder Kalvin Phillips is up next up for our ‘My Perfect Christmas’ website feature and he tells us what makes his Christmas perfect. From inviting Michael Bublé to dinner to his favourite ever Christmas present, Kalvin’s perfect day looks like a good one!

Which famous person would you invite to your dinner table? I would invite Michael Bublé – he would be a good guest because he can do karaoke for us!

What’s your perfect board game to play? It would be monopoly – it’s one everyone can join in on and everyone knows.

Where do you spend Christmas? We always go to my Grandma Val’s house which is really fun and good to see the whole family together.

What’s on your Christmas menu? It has to be the traditional Christmas dinner followed by some sort of pudding – I don’t really mind what pudding.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? We always watch Christmas films all day!

What’s your best ever Christmas present? I’ve always had good presents but it was probably when I was little when I got a green machine go kart – I always remember that one!