Pontus Jansson talks to us about what would make his Christmas, perfect!

Next up on our ‘My Perfect Christmas’ website feature Whites defender Pontus Jansson tells us what makes his Christmas perfect. From Swedish meatballs to spending the day with family, Pontus’ day looks good to us!

Which famous person would you invite to your dinner table? I would pick Connor McGregor – it’s a hard choice but I think he would be an interesting guest.

What’s your perfect board game to play? We play this game where each player is a different actor and you have to fool your friends – it’s a traditional Swedish game and it’s really fun!

Where do you spend Christmas? We spend it at my wife’s family home which is really nice.

What’s on your Christmas menu? Swedish meatballs! We have a range of traditional Swedish food – it’s quite similar to England I think.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? We celebrate on 24 December in Sweden so we start early and celebrate with the whole family. I just spend lots of time with family and eat a lot!

What’s your best ever Christmas present? The best present for me would have to be just being with the whole family – that’s the best gift for me.