As we countdown to Christmas Eunan O'Kane tells us what would make his Christmas, perfect..

On the countdown to Christmas we're asking the players what their ‘Perfect Christmas’ would be.

First up Eunan O’Kane tells us about what he would include in his perfect Christmas!

Who would you invite to your dinner table? That’s a hard choice! I can think of lots of people who I’d invite but I’d probably go with.. Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown Boys!

What famous person’s house would you go to for dinner? If I could go to someone famous’ house it would be Elon Musk!

What is on the menu? It has to be traditional so I would say it would always be turkey and all the trimmings.

What film would you watch? I love watching films at Christmas but if I could watch one it would be Home Alone, it’s a classic!

What board game would you play? Monopoly – because it’s an old classic and you can play it for a long time.

What programme do you watch at Christmas? I love watching Only Fools and Horses at Christmas.

Keep checking back to hear more from the players on what would make their Christmas, perfect.