Eunan O'Kane up next for our Player Quiz feature.

1) How many caps have you won for the Republic of Ireland senior team?

Eunan’s answer: 7

Correct answer: 7

2) What is the nickname of your former club Torquay United?

Eunan’s answer: The Gulls

Correct answer: The Gulls

3) You won the Championship with Bournemouth in 2015, who finished runners-up?

Eunan’s answer: Watford

Correct answer: Watford

4) How many goals did you score for Bournemouth, six or eight?

Eunan’s answer: Six

Correct answer: Six

5) Last season Blackburn Rovers, Rotherham United and which other team were relegated from the Championship?

Eunan’s answer: Wigan Athletic

Correct answer: Wigan Athletic

6) How many permanent managers did Birmingham City have last season?

Eunan’s answer: 3

Correct answer: 3

7) True or false, head coach Thomas Christiansen played for Villarreal?

Eunan’s answer: False

Correct answer: True

8) Who is the Republic of Ireland’s all time record goal-scorer?

Eunan’s answer: Robbie Keane

Correct answer: Robbie Keane

Eunan has scored seven out of eight on the Player Quiz challenge which means he goes into second place behind Ronaldo Vieira. Keep checking back to see how the players do!