Pupils enjoy Primary Stars programme thanks to the club's Foundation..

As part of their commitment to providing top class education in the Leeds area, the Leeds United Foundation have been working hard with a Primary School for more than a year to support and lead their PSHE lessons, PE sessions and help deliver health eating programmes.

Foundation coaches work with children aged eight and nine at Fieldhead Carr Primary School to deliver a ‘Primary Stars’ programme where they focus on learning about diversity, inclusion, issues around discrimination and values.

The Foundation delivers the national project ‘Primary Stars; across the city and works to help develop pupil’s learning across English, Maths, PSHE and PE.

The Foundation’s recent project with the school lasted six weeks and used interactive sessions to teach children in a fun and engaging way.

As well as learning from Foundation coaches, pupils at the school get to wear Leeds United branded kits for PE – a great way of making PE sessions more engaging and fun for the pupils.

The Foundation also provides Fieldhead Carr Primary School with support on school sports days, Christmas parties, residential trips and help with healthy eating campaigns.   

Becky Vargassoff, head teacher at Fieldhead Carr Primary, said: “The Leeds United Foundation staff have built up a relationship of trust and confidence with our pupils.

“The children have taken part in very engaging learning of both practical and theory lessons which helped them to identify the success criteria for co-operative and fun learning.

“We will continue to work with the Foundation going forward using the Primary Stars PSHE resources as we see a huge benefit of their positive influence to our school.”