Leeds United Women: Rebecca Hunt

Leeds United Women: Rebecca Hunt

We catch up with Rebecca during lockdown.

Leeds United Women are currently unable to play due to restrictions, but the spirit in the squad has remained there until they can retake to the pitch. 

Following on from captain Bridie Hannon giving us her lockdown update, Rebecca Hunt answered a few questions on what she has been up to during this tough period.


First things first Rebecca, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how are you doing during what has been a tough time?

“I’m 27, I am from the North East originally, I work for the Emergency Services and am a frontline key worker, dealing with lots of members of the public. In my spare time I play football but obviously that’s on hold right now. I have been trying to replace that with running but as everyone knows, it’s just so cold at the minute so that can put you off at times! 

“It has been a difficult time for everyone, I live by myself so it’s been hard in that way but I am very lucky that I have a job which allows me to leave the house. I’ve been at work throughout the pandemic and I know for sure there are a lot of people in worse positions than me, so I try to focus on the positives!”


Being able to get out and about through your work, how important has that been for you considering you live alone? 

“Yeah it’s helped, definitely. There is always a risk and you’re always very careful with who you are associating with when out and about, but I would say that I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to work from home, I meet a lot of people and get to help a lot of people which is nice. I wouldn’t change anything about it, it’s definitely helped me.”


So that’s a little insight into Rebecca the person, can you tell us about Rebecca the footballer? 

“Absolutely! I am a number 10 and I love attacking. I have always played football, I first started playing in Sunderland’s academy for about eight years when growing up. I got into football because of my dad, from about the age of two he gave me a football to kick about! I’ve always then played football, most of my friends did too so we all loved it and our parents enjoyed taking us.”


How did the journey with Leeds United Women begin? 

“I moved to Leeds for work five years ago, then joined the club and it is the best decision I have ever made, it’s probably the main reason I have settled in Leeds. I have made so many friends, I love playing for the team, I think the whole club is amazing and it has been a massive part of my life.

“I am really missing playing though, I miss the routine, the exercise and of course like anyone else, seeing my friends! A lot of the girls I have played with and known for about five years now, it’s hard not to have that structure.”


You’ve told us how much you’re missing playing football, so can you tell us what you’ve been up to at home?  

“I am not as big of a football fan as some of the others but I will follow it when it’s on tele and I will always without fail watch Leeds United when they are on. I would say what I have been doing is a lot of running, I’ve lost a lot of weight over lockdown and feel a lot fitter. 

“In terms of television, I love watching crime and hospital dramas, I spend a lot of time watching that type of programme. The rest of my time is spent either working, or FaceTiming and keeping in touch with people.”


You mentioned the men’s team there, it’s been an enjoyable season so far, what has stood out for you? 

“I have been watching every game! I’ve seen every match so far this season and it has been great. My whole family are big Newcastle United fans so the game last week was a bit contentious, but definitely an enjoyable one in my eyes. I think they are playing really well, not all the results have gone our way but it has always been very entertaining to watch and everyone I know is enjoying it as well. 

“As an attacking player, I would definitely like to play in that team, but I am not sure about how often they all track back and if I would want to do that, the amount of running they do is so impressive. It’s exciting football and enjoyable to watch for sure.”


Lastly, take us down memory lane. Can you give us a funny story from the team? 

“Oh that’s a tough one as there have been so many. It’s hard, as what I find funny are always ‘you have to be there’ moments! I’ll give you one, it’s about Bridie Hannon who you chatted to last week. She’s our captain and probably a role model to people. She turned up for a game one day and had the most crumpled kit I have ever seen in my life - and this is what I mean by a ‘have to be there’ moment. 

“Our manager, Dan, walked in and asked her if she had ironed it with a rock and the whole room just burst out laughing. We always ask her that now and it has become a running joke. I feel like I am often the punchline of plenty of jokes, so it’s nice to say one about someone else!”