Away Season Ticket update

Away Season Ticket update

Update for 2019/20 Away Season Ticket holders.

We are now in a position to confirm the rebate options for our 2019/20 Away Season Ticket holders (general admission) based on the away league fixtures that are being played behind closed doors.

A specific email will be sent in the next few days to each individual qualifying Away Season Ticket holder, along with a link to an online form for supporters to complete and choose from one of the rebate options below.

The deadline to complete the online rebate form is Friday 31st July 2020.

Supporters must only complete the official online rebate request form.  We will NOT be accepting any requests via email.

If fans do not respond by the deadline date then the club will automatically apply Option 1 and any rebates that have not been claimed will be donated to support our Academy.


OPTION 1: Support the Academy

Donate your rebate to support the development of young players within the club Academy and help to develop the stars of the future.


OPTION 2: Pro-rata refund

You can claim a pro-rata refund based on the face value of your 2019/20 Away Season Ticket.

To calculate your rebate:-

Original price paid for the 2019/20 Away Season Ticket divided by 23 (number of away league fixtures) multiplied by the number of away games that fans can't attend (four).  For example, an Adult Season Ticket holder who paid £800 for their 2019/20 Away Season Ticket will be entitled to a rebate worth £139.13.


Supporters who choose Option 2 will receive the rebate by bank transfer into their bank account. Please note that the pro rata refund will be paid to the original payment owner and not the individual Away Season Ticket holder.

Further details will be sent within the email over the coming days.

Please note that any supporters choosing to receive a pro-rata refund will receive payment after the deadline of 31 July 2020. We will process the refunds as soon as practicable after this time.

We thank supporters for their continued patience.  Due to the sheer volume of transactions and the low levels staff currently in operation at Elland Road, we would like to advise you that this process could take a number of weeks and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe, Marching On Together.