Simon Grayson's focus for the summer...

Simon Grayson thanks the Leeds fans at Leicester

Leeds United manager Simon Grayson admits he has only one focus this summer as he looks towards the 2009/2010 League One campaign.

While his players are away from the training ground for a short break, the manager has long been assessing his squad and planning ahead, as he looks to plot promotion back to the Championship.

"I was back in the office the Friday after the Millwall game," he said.

"I couldn't wait to get back to work and get it out my system.

"Obviously it was hugely disappointing what happened in the end, but my mind and preparations started the day after and I've been thinking about it ever since.

"I might get a break away at some stage, but I'll still be focused every day on what I need to achieve to get this club promoted.

"Ive been trying to put my model together of how to approach a full season, starting with the pre-season we'll have geared up for them."

Leeds will be joined by former Premiership trio Southampton, Charlton, and Norwich in League One next season.

Leicester City suffered the same fate as the relegated trio 12 months earlier and Grayson says their response - they won the league as champions - was a prime example of how promotions can be won.

"Consistency will be the key, like Leicester last season," said the manager. 

"Leicester did ever so well. I wouldn't say they were the best footballing side, but they were consistent and worked hard, and that's what I want from my players.

"I want them to produce performances on a regular basis and be the consistent team that goes 10 or 20 games unbeaten and is the one to be shot at up at the top.

"The three coming down were all Premier League teams not so long ago, and there are some big teams in the division next season.

"With us still there, the teams that have come down, there's the teams that have missed out on promotion, and Huddersfield who spent some money, so there's some decent clubs ready to go for it.

"All that might take some of the pressure off us but we want the pressure on us because that's how we thrive and that's how we will get promoted."