Marcelo Bielsa: We had many moments to unbalance

Marcelo Bielsa: We had many moments to unbalance

Head coach on Newcastle defeat.

Marcelo Bielsa gave his thoughts to the media after his side were defeated against Newcastle United at Elland Road.

The visitors won the contest 15 minutes from the end of the game after a free-kick, ending the two-match winning run Leeds had been on in the Premier League. 

Speaking after the game, the head coach summarised the match. 

“We had many moments to unbalance the game,” Bielsa explained. 

“We could unbalance them a lot, but we couldn't convert. 

“Normally, in the games where you could score and you don't, some detail unbalances the game against you, I have the sensation that's what happened. 

“Even if in the last 15 minutes we failed to create enough danger. Prior to that, in the rest of the game we had done enough to be ahead.

“We always got to the final third with ease. We could pick the final pass, whether it be from out wide or through the centre. 

“But, in the closing of the game we were lacking clarity. We lost the capacity to go on the outside."