Marcelo Bielsa: Adam Forshaw has given such a valuable response

Marcelo Bielsa: Adam Forshaw has given such a valuable response

Head coach on midfielder.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa has spoken to the media about midfielder Adam Forshaw.

Ahead of the announcement that Forshaw has signed a new contract with the club, Bielsa was asked about the prospective deal in his press conference ahead of the West Ham United game on Sunday.

Bielsa heaped praise and credit on Forshaw for fighting back from his injury problems and believes the new contract is fully justified.

“It is very difficult for me to refer myself to Forshaw, in this moment where he's given such a valuable response, because I didn't think Forshaw was going to be the player he was once before,” said Bielsa.

“The process Forshaw went through wasn't with my support, he did it by himself with all the support the club gave him which was a big support, but I didn't participate in his success, I only accompanied him.

“And when the moment came, I gave the responses and he deserved to play.

“But in the important part of those two years I wasn't there with him, so I don't want to link myself too much with him because I don't want to over suppose on his success.

“The club will make a very convenient decision if they extended Forshaw because every week he's showing he's a player of a very good level.”