Marcelo Bielsa: It was difficult for us to recover the ball

Marcelo Bielsa: It was difficult for us to recover the ball

Head coach on defeat to Liverpool.

Marcelo Bielsa gave his thoughts to the media, after his Leeds United side were defeated by Liverpool at Elland Road.

The visitors created plenty of chances on the day in what was a tough afternoon for the Whites, although they did have moments of their own. 

“Evidently, the way I planned for the game didn’t allow for our forwards to shine,” Bielsa explained after the match. 

“They managed to get their forwards into the game to create danger and chances. Every time we lost the ball, the opponents created danger. 

“But, we did have some balls in the first half that we thought would have created more danger or risk for the opponent.

“What Jurgen Klopp planned for facilitated the unbalance of the forwards and what I chose didn’t allow our very good forwards to create danger and shine in the game.” 

Bielsa felt that his side were creating chances at times in the match and got into some good positions, but they weren’t taken at crucial stages. 

He said: “I don’t think it was difficult to attack them in the first half because there were some very advantageous situations.

“As the first half wore on we started to lose control of the ball and it was difficult for us to recover it. When we recovered it, it was difficult for us to put passes together. 

“I have already said that the way Liverpool planned their game allowed their creative players to shine. 

"The way I proposed the game, the opposite, because our creative players didn’t perform."

Bielsa also spoke about Harvey Elliott's injury and the situation which led to it, wishing the Liverpool midfielder all the best in his recovery.

He said: “Pascal (Struijk) recovered the ball.

“The actions to get the ball didn’t have an infraction but I have the feeling the rest of the movement of his body after he recovered the ball made him hit Elliott.

“I am totally sure that there was no bad intention, I don’t know how to qualify it, but obviously there was some imprudence or an excess of power.

“These types of recoveries of the ball are totally frequent, the difference here is that the follow through with Pascal’s speed or power clipped the player and caused the injury.

“I regret dearly that such a young player playing at such a high level has been interrupted by this, I hope he’s able to get back.”