Marcelo Bielsa: Everton are strong and efficient

Marcelo Bielsa: Everton are strong and efficient

Head coach on home clash with Everton.

Marcelo Bielsa has spoken to the media ahead of the first home match of the Premier League campaign this weekend, against Everton.

The Toffees arrive at Elland Road off the back of an opening day victory against Southampton, whereas the Whites are looking to bounce back from defeat. 

Diego Llorente missed the clash with Manchester United, with Kalvin Phillips on the bench and Bielsa was asked about the fitness of both players.

He said: “After another week of work, Kalvin is physically better and closer to being in the team.

“With Diego, it's probable that he will have chances to compete again next week.”

Rafa Benitez’s Everton side will travel to Elland Road, in what is set to be a ferocious atmosphere with a sell-out crowd and Bielsa gave his thoughts on the Toffees and the return of supporters.

“What has made him successful is he puts together a very compact team, difficult to beat and he always manages to get the maximum out of the players he manages,” said Bielsa.

“There hasn’t been big changes in regards to the players, the players are basically the same ones as last season.

“The challenges that I expect are the ones I mentioned about Benitez, they’re strong efficient and hard to beat.

“The Premier League with and without fans is not the same, the fans of Leeds are not the same as the majority of other fans in the league, not only because they are our fans, but because they are so generous in every game and this is unique.

“Games like we lost last Saturday generates hurt that you don’t easily forget and going forward you can do things that generate new memories to stop this one being present.

“The thing that damages us the most in a defeat like this is that the expectation and hope the fans had ahead of this game, it hurts a lot to disappoint and not give what’s expected of us.

“This produces suffering and the next game brings a chance to pay back some of the debt.”