Marcelo Bielsa: I thought it was an unforgettable game

Marcelo Bielsa: I thought it was an unforgettable game

Head coach on final day victory.

Marcelo Bielsa gave his thoughts to the media after his side secured a final day victory over West Bromwich Albion at Elland Road, winning 3-1. 

The head coach gave his assessment of the season overall, after his side secured a ninth placed finish on their return to Premier League football.  

“It’s difficult to offer a conclusion because on one side I am very satisfied with what the team achieved but on the other side I feel like we could have added a few more points,” Bielsa explained.  

“If we divided the competition in two, in the second part of the season we received 50% less of the goals that we did in the first part.  

“Had we had that security defensively the whole campaign we could have added those points I would have liked this season. 

“Anyway, I am satisfied with what we achieved, it is very difficult to win a game in the Premier League, very difficult. On the other side like I said, I feel like we could have had a few more points.”

In what was an emotional day with the return of supporters along with the news that Pablo Hernandez and Gaetano Berardi would be departing, Bielsa acknowledged how his players handled the occasion. 

He said: “I thought it was an unforgettable game.

“It was a great homage to two players who have stopped belonging to Leeds. The responses they got, only players who give a lot deserve that and players of the roots.  

“The performance of Pablo today indicates that he deserved more minutes than the ones I gave him this year. Berardi after such a long time without playing, he showed what he can still be. 

“The most important thing is that the public, players, teammates and staff showed their recognition to these two players. 

“You can play very well and be a great player, but to be a great professional and to become a reference in a place where you’ve played, you need to be a good human. 

“Great players, there are loads of them, but great professionals who print their stamp on a club, apart from playing well are good people. 

“I think that during a lot of years within Leeds, to exemplify a virtue that you would like to explain we’re going to take Pablo and Berardi as examples.”