Marcelo Bielsa: It was a very demanding game for us

Marcelo Bielsa: It was a very demanding game for us

Head coach on draw against Manchester United.

Marcelo Bielsa gave his thoughts to the media, after his side battled to a deserved point at home to Manchester United.

The visitors arrived at Elland Road unbeaten on their travels and the Leeds United head coach praised the effort from his side to get a result from the clash.  

“It was a very demanding game for us,” Bielsa explained.  

“For the game not to become unbalanced the team made a massive effort, and this effort allowed the game not to become unbalanced. 

“Even if they predominantly dominated, we managed that the chances on goal were similar even if they did have more of the ball to attack. 

“I insist, I value a lot everything we did so that the game didn’t come unbalanced.

“What was touching or moving, was the effort the team made. A game like today, if we didn’t bring this big energy, we wouldn’t be able to balance it.”

The draw with Manchester United this afternoon makes it five points from the last three matches for the Whites. Bielsa was impressed by the maturity and experience on show from his team.

He said: “The group of players have constructed a solid group. 

“Throughout this time they’ve made errors and learned how to correct them. In the same way, they’ve learned to avoid errors that are avoidable. 

“I have the feeling that there has been a growth in the maturity and experience to manage these games.”