Marcelo Bielsa: I know the immediate history

Marcelo Bielsa: I know the immediate history

Head coach on Manchester United clash.

Marcelo Bielsa has spoken with the media, ahead of the Premier League fixture with Manchester United on Sunday (4.30pm).

The Whites will play their biggest rivals away from home for the first time in 10 years, the last match being a famous 1-0 FA Cup victory in 2010. 

Bielsa said he knows all about the rivalry and his side know what the match means to the fans.

“Leeds doesn’t ignore what it means to play in such a game,” Bielsa stated. 

“We’re prepared to adapt for the characteristics that this game will demand. 

“I have been here for a two-and-a-half years now and I know the immediate history.

“What happens on the pitch can have a big impact on the fans. It increases the responsibility and it multiplies the desire to impose yourself. 

“The absence of fans is always something that is hurtful.

“Football is identification, you can identify yourself when you face these types of opponents.  

“The bond of communication, it grows stronger in these types of games.”

Bielsa was asked whether the rivalry of Sunday's clash compares to the Newell’s Old Boys vs Rosario Central derby in Argentina. He compared the two matches in his own way. 

He explained: “I would like to simplify it.

“If you were to ask a Newell’s fan whether they wanted to be the champions of South America or win this game, they would say they wanted to be the champions of South America. 

"But if you ask them the day before the game, they would say they want to win this game and that’s exactly how I feel.”