Marcelo Bielsa: They have quality in their forwards

Marcelo Bielsa: They have quality in their forwards

Head coach ahead of Newcastle United match.

Marcelo Bielsa has spoken with the media, ahead of the Premier League clash with Newcastle United at Elland Road.

On the latest challenge his side faces, the head coach gave his view on the opposition facing them on Wednesday evening.

“They have quality in their forwards,” stated Marcelo.

Friday night’s fixture against West Ham United was number 113 in charge of the Whites for the head coach. Marcelo assessed the job he has done so far in charge of Leeds United.

“The function of a coach or manager is to take decisions that favour the team, which could in turn be unfavourable for some people in the team,” he explained.

“There’s many ways to show support and closeness that are not linked to affection. 

“Helping, talking sincerely and describing with honesty how the good things that were done and the bad things that were done. It’s part of my job to be able to manage all of this.”

Now in his third season with the Whites, Bielsa gave his views on how the team has grown in his period in charge and how they are finding life in the Premier League.

He said: “The Premier League is of a certain level and we have to show that we can play at that level.

“If you take different moments from the 12 games we’ve played so far, you will find expressions that are very good and some that are not so good.  

“In the Championship we had the respect of a large percentage of opponents and a superiority that was already clear. 

“What we had to do was impose it. Our challenge in every game in the Premier league is to demonstrate that we can compete in equal conditions. 

“That’s where we are at in this task and throughout these 12 games we’ve been superior to some big rivals and there’s been times when inferior opponents have been superior to us.”