Marcelo Bielsa: We stopped Liverpool from playing as well

Marcelo Bielsa: We stopped Liverpool from playing as well

Head coach on Liverpool defeat.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa spoke to the media following Saturday’s defeat at Liverpool.

The Whites and Reds produced a classic Premier League opener at Anfield, but it was the hosts who came away with a 4-3 victory.

Leeds three times came from behind against the reigning champions and despite being pleased with the attitude of his side, Bielsa felt the final result was a fair one.

“It was a just defeat,” said Bielsa.

“It was a rival who made it hard to neutralise them.

“In the second half especially, we struggled to get the ball from defence to attack, we didn’t create danger and although the effort was very good, it wasn’t enough to play the game on even terms.

“Of course I value the rebellion of the team, we also stopped Liverpool from playing as well as they usually do.

“We made a lot of effort to stop them from showing their individual brilliance, but the final analysis shows Liverpool were superior.

“During large parts of the game we were able to match them and we had good efficiency, but lacked in construction of the game.”