LUTV: Upcoming coverage information

LUTV: Upcoming coverage information

Details for final nine games.

Leeds United can confirm details regarding information as to which games will be shown live on LUTV.

All Adult and Concession Season Ticket holders who chose the Club Bundle as part of their Season Ticket rebate, will be provided with a unique code to enable them to watch ALL of Leeds United’s final nine games live on LUTV for FREE. 

ONLY Season Ticket holders who selected the Club Bundle will be able to watch ALL nine games, whether selected for live TV coverage (by Sky Sports or international broadcasters) or otherwise on LUTV.

The club are currently in the process of sending out the unique voucher codes and detailed instructions to all Season Ticket holders who selected the Club Bundle, via email (from 16 June).

Season Ticket holders are strongly advised to login immediately on receipt of their unique voucher code and check that you can watch the Test Stream we have made available, to avoid any problems on Sunday for our first game against Cardiff City. 



The options available for supporters who are not Season Ticket holders or Season Ticket holders who did not select the Club Bundle are as follows;


Can I buy a live stream for LUTV if the game is being shown live on Sky Sports?

If you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland, you will NOT be able to buy an LUTV stream to watch a game that is being broadcast live on TV. Sky Sports have exclusive rights for these games and therefore LUTV cannot offer live streams for these specific games.

Overseas supporters, who are not Season Ticket holders and who live in countries classed as ‘dark market’ territories can purchase a Live Video Match Pass for each individual game for a charge of £5.00 per game 

CLICK HERE for a full list of dark market territories.


Can I buy a live stream for LUTV if the game is NOT being shown live on Sky Sports?

Currently two of our games against Luton Town and Blackburn Rovers have not been chosen for live broadcast. 

For these two games, all supporters around the world will be able to purchase a Live Video Match Pass to watch the games live on LUTV.  These are priced at £10 for supporters in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and £5.00 for those who live outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

None of the remaining games of the 2019/20 Season will be shown via the Red Button on Sky Sports.


Can I still pay to hear live audio commentary on LUTV?

Live audio commentary is available via LUTV with the purchase of a 99p Weekly Pass to any supporters worldwide, whether the games are being shown live on Sky Sports or otherwise.


How Do I Watch LUTV?

For information on how to set up your device to watch the games via LUTV, please see the following links:


CLICK HERE for a video tutorial