Patrick Bamford: I remember thinking keep talking, we're still winning

Patrick Bamford: I remember thinking keep talking, we\'re still winning

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford sits down to answer your question!

The latest episode of Deliveroo's #Ask series dropped this week, and fans are declaring it the best yet!

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford took time out to sit down and answer as many of your questions over 25 minutes, covering everything from the Millwall celebration, adding s'housing to his repertoire, shout outs from Bon Jovi, THAT hug in training and what wearing the number 9 shirt means to him!

Read some of his answers below, or watch the full episode now:

How are you doing in lockdown? How have you been keeping fit?

"Yeah not too bad, trying to keep a routine as much as possible in terms of getting up and doing my training in the morning. Then it's just trying to find stuff to do in the afternoon, it's not been too bad but it's starting to drag on now.
"We get sent a programme every night by Benoit, so in the morning I try to get it done first thing, about 45 minutes gym, 45 minutes running, give or take. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's not too bad but I've just been running down to the local cricket pitch and doing it there."
Best player you've played alongside?
"Either Hazard, De Bruyne, Fabregas was unreal, in fact there was a few there (Chelsea), Mata and Oscar were ridiculous as well. Wilfred Zaha at Palace, and then obviously I was at MK Dons with Dele who has gone on to great things."
How did your move to Leeds come about?
"It was actually quite strange. I thought I was staying at Middlesbrough. I knew that Forest had originally put a bid in as Aitor (Karanka) was there, who used to manage me, but Middlesbrough basically put a stupid figure on it, that was pretty much double what Leeds ended up paying. So that was when the first offer came in, but that didn't really change anything for me, as it was just two clubs talking.
"Then I remember, I heard talk about Leeds being interested, which pricked my ears up. We were playing a friendly against Sunderland, and it got cancelled halfway through. I was supposed to start but Tony Pulis came over and said 'Let's go for a chat'. He was like 'I'm taking you out of the starting team and you know why, don't you?', I said no, he replied 'Leeds have put a bid in, we've accepted it'. I was like 'Really?'
"A lot of people have stories about Tony but I couldn't speak highly enough of him, because he was honest and said 'Look, they've accepted a bid, I just want to thank you for your time and everything you've given.' So that was pretty much it, once he said it was the club's decision, my head was only on Leeds."

Patrick Bamford

What does it feel like to walk out in front of 35,000 at Elland Road?
"I was saying this to my girlfriend the other day, how much I miss just walking out and hearing the roar. I was watching a video of the fans singing before a game, and I was just thinking about that sound. Especially when it's a big game and you can tell the crowd is up for it, that kind of sends tingles down your spine. It helps, not that a player is never up for a game, but to give you that extra push, that extra nudge, I think that atmosphere and that feeling just... it's hard to explain unless you feel it."
Best atmosphere you've experienced then?
"100%. In terms of playing at home week in, week out, then yeah, Elland Road is the best atmosphere I've ever experienced. The only time I've ever felt something louder, and it normal because it was a bigger stadium, is when I played at Wembley. And that wasn't much louder considering there was nearly 90,000 people there, so fair play to Leeds fans."
Favourite game for Leeds?
"I think for me, maybe the Bolton game last season was quite a good one. I had come back for the first time from the knee injury, so to me that was quite special as I'd been out for ages. In terms of this year, one of the comebacks has got to be up there, like Millwall."
Favourite goal for Leeds?
"In terms of a striker's goal, actually one of my favourites even though it turned out to be a horrible game was at home to Wigan last season. The ball came fizzing in, it wasn't even for me, I brought it down with my left and smashed it in with my right, that's probably up there. And probably the Preston one from outside the box."

Patrick Bamford

How did it feel to score that third goal against Millwall?
"Bill kind of put it on a plate for me, I just had to be in the right position, but it was a great feeling and as a striker you love those kind of chances, all I literally had to do was close my eyes and let it hit me. It's a special time for a striker when you score a goal, never mind when you score the winning goal. Everyone knew as soon as we got the first, when Pablo's went in, we felt it, and I'm sure the crowd did, that we were going to win."
What was the Millwall celebration all about?
"The fans are brilliant with me. In fact I'd say 95% of fans around the world are brilliant. But there was one time on Twitter, so it probably wasn't even the fans who were going to the game, they started giving me a load of stick, saying 'What a waste', 'Shouldn't be playing for Leeds', 'Hope you...', I think some people even..., basically it was just horrible things.
"So I just thought, you know what, I'm going to get on with my job, and do what I do. The celebration, some fans thought I was cupping my ears to them, but in general, to the fans in the stadium it wasn't anything to do with them. It was just more like, anyone can say what they want, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, just keep talking, I can't hear you. That kind of thing."
If the season ended now, how would it feel to score the last goal in a promotion season?
"Probably have an extra couple of beers haha. To be honest, if that's the way it happens, I think we've done all we can this season to get up. I think rightly so, if it finished now we've been definitely top 2, maybe the best team in the league all season, so I don't think anyone can complain about us going up.
"I think if we went up now, one it would be just, and two, the fact that I scored the last goal, it's just quite a good thing isn't it? To tell my kids when I'm older."
This season you've added s'housing the opposition to your game?
"I knew when I came to Leeds, I came to be the main number 9. Last year, with injuries and Roofey playing well, it was like I didn't get a full season under my belt and get to where I wanted to be. So this year I was like, you know what, I need to bring something else. Hopefully I'm scoring goals all the time, and hopefully I'm playing well, but there needs to be something else that gives me an edge that helps the team out. Even if it's just ruffling the away fans.
"My mum hates it, she goes mad at me for it, but I say 'look it's on the pitch'. When I'm off it, I'm just normal, but on the pitch, I need to do anything that can get an edge against the opposition. I've actually started to enjoy it to be honest."

Patrick Bamford

What was your favourite time s'housing the opposition?
"I'll tell you my least favourite first. It was the Aston Villa game, at the end of last year. I look back at that and I actually feel embarrassed. I don't mind the throwing Hourihane on the floor, because he had hold of Klichy, but when I went down, that was embarrassing. Because it was a year ago, I saw it pop up on Twitter, I wanted to message El Ghazi to say sorry but he doesn't follow me so I couldn't.
"My favourite bit of s'housery is either where I scored against Luton away, just because the video is brilliant where you can see little kids giving me the v signs. Not that I think that's the right thing by the way. Or probably Reading away as well. I didn't even score, but we were just celebrating and for some reason Reading fans just seem to love a little chant at me, so I remember doing the talking sign to them, saying 'keep talking, because we're still winning'."
How did it feel to be hugged by Marcelo after scoring in training?
"As a manager, he's not the kind where you'd go into his room, sit down and have a chat with, there's a very professional relationship, there's such a respect for him that you just wouldn't do that.
"So when he came running over for a hug, I was a bit like woah. Do I go to him? Do I just stay still? And it was when Coops shouted 'Pat run to him!', I ran to him. So yeah it was mad. If I scored that goal again in a game, then I think I'd sprint straight up to him just for a laugh.
"I think that was the whole reason why the video went so mad, it went viral. If I'd scored that goal, it'd have probably been a bit popular with the Leeds fans, but the fact that Marcelo Bielsa ran across the pitch to hug someone after a training goal, it seemed to go everywhere around the world."
How did it feel to get a shout from Bon Jovi recently?
"It was kind of mad. I remember I rang my mate as I know his mum and dad are massive fans as well. More than my friends my age being jealous or like wow, it was more like their parents who were like 'OMG what?' because they've obviously grown up with him as well. But yeah it was nice to get a shout out, I'd quite like to meet him to be honest."

Patrick Bamford

How's Duke?
"He's crazy. I think he's loving the fact that I'm here all the time at the minute. He'll bark at Michaela, but he'll never ever fight with her. He's always soft with her but when it comes to me, if I run outside, he's full on wrestling. I started running with him, thought in the lockdown I'd be able to get him quite fit, first couple of times no problems, then after about three days that was it, he couldn't be bothered anymore, I would be running along, and just having to pull him along on the lead. He'd just stop, pretending he needed the toilet, then just sit there not doing anything, he was a nightmare."
Have you seen the Parody Bamford account? And do you like it?
"Haha yeah I think it's brilliant to be honest. People actually thought it was me at training to start with, a couple of the physios were like 'Is it you?'. It is very funny, it makes me laugh, it was actually Michaela who found it and showed me one time. I would love to know who is behind it."
How does it feel to wear the number 9 shirt for Leeds United?
"That's something I've always wanted. I've always wanted to be the main striker and wear the number 9. I remember when I was at Middlesbrough, we were going into a new season, I wanted the number 9 but we just signed Britt, and apparently in his contract he said he had to have the number 9 shirt. They gave it to him, though seeing as he was my mate I didn't really mind.
"But as soon as I came to Leeds, Victor said 'Don't worry, I've got the number 9 shirt saved for you, it's yours, so for me that means a lot. To be able to tell people when I'm older, look I was the number 9 for Leeds United, that's a big thing, so I want to keep that for as long as possible."

Patrick Bamford