Player lowdown: Adam Forshaw

Player lowdown: Adam Forshaw

Find out more about Adam Forshaw.

Midfielder Adam Forshaw is one of the most experienced players in the Leeds United squad, having made his senior debut back in 2009 when a youngster at Everton.

Here we find out more about him, from his first pair of boots to his favourite career moment.


What was the first football match you attended?

“The first one that stands out is my dad taking me to an FA Cup game.  Liverpool played Bolton and it was freezing at their old ground Burden Park.  I was stood behind the goal and I remember how cold it was.  David James who was the goalkeeper at the time came over and zipped my jacket up in the warm up and after the game he came and gave me his gloves.  That’s my first proper memory of a match.”


Did you have a football hero/icon when you were younger?

“Early on I’d say Michael Owen and I was a striker as a kid.  When he left to go to Real Madrid it was Steven Gerrard from then on.  I supported Liverpool, so Gerrard was my hero really.”


How old were you when you started playing football?

“My mum says from the minute I could walk I was kicking a ball.  I joined a small team when I was five and got picked up by Everton at seven and things went on from there.”


Can you remember the first pair of boots you went to buy?

“I can’t exactly remember buying them, but I always used to wear Umbro Speciali’s.  My eyes would always light up when I went into the sports shop.”


What boots do you currently wear?

“None! No I’m joking, I usually wear Nike Vapor or Nike Phantom models.”


What’s the best goal you’ve scored in your career?

“My most important goal would be scoring the winner in the last minute for Middlesbrough against Reading.  There were about four games to go and we ended up getting promoted automatically at the end of the season.  It was a big goal, so I’d say that’s the best in terms of memories and feelings.”


What’s the best moment for you in your career?

“Making my debut for Everton.  It was a bit of a nothing game, as we’d qualified in the group in the Europa League, but I played the 90 minutes and I’d say it’s my best moment.”



What’s your favourite Leeds United moment so far?

“I think my most enjoyable game would be Derby at home in the January of last season.  We were having a bit of a sticky spell, but the whole night I just enjoyed it so much.  The atmosphere was fantastic and it’s my best memory so far in my two years.”


Who is the best player you’ve played with?

“I didn’t get chance to play with the Everton players too much, but for me I was always impressed with Leighton Baines.  It was just the way he was around the place, how hard he worked in the gym and he was just a brilliant player.  I only played with him once, but I would say him, being around him day in, day out.”


Who is the best player you’ve come up against?

“Either Mousa Dembele at Spurs or Philippe Coutinho, they are the two that really stood out when I played against them.  Kevin De Bruyne was obviously really good, but in terms of performance on the day, someone who I struggled against the most was Dembele, I couldn’t get near him.  He made me feel like a kid.  Literally whenever I had it he could take it off me with ease and whenever he had it, he held me off and would pivot around me.  He had everything really, moved well with the ball, was strong and could pass it.  He was so strong and physical.”


Which player in the current Leeds team do you think has the most banter and why?

“I’d probably say Barry Douglas.  He’s always up to something, he’s just busy and likes to be involved in everything!”

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