Tony Yeboah interview part 1

Tony Yeboah interview part 1

We catch up with a former Whites star.

Tony Yeboah scored two of Leeds United’s and the Premier League’s greatest ever goals, with iconic strikes against Liverpool and Wimbledon in August and September 1995.

At the time, Yeboah became the first player to win back-to-back BBC Match of the Day Goal of the Month competitions, a record which has since been equalled by Gareth Bale in 2013, but not broken.

Despite playing just 66 times, he became a fan favourite and a cult hero, netting 32 goals in all competitions.

Yeboah’s strike against Wimbledon won the BBC Goal of the Season Award, but we caught up with him to talk about both goals...


The question every Leeds United fan wants to know is which goal was your favourite, the one against Liverpool or the one against Wimbledon?

“Everyone asks me this question haha!  To be honest they were both fantastic goals but my favourite is the goal against Liverpool.  Before the game there was a lot of tension and before I came to England I was a Liverpool fan, so it was amazing to play against them.  Playing against John Barnes and Ian Rush I thought I had to do something special, so for me that particular goal was something special.”


Do you still watch the goals back now?

“Yes there’s a TV station in Ghana that always shows the goal before the sports programmes and I know they show it regularly in England too.”


What’s your feeling when you see it back?

“It’s fantastic!   The people still remember me in Leeds too, I played there a long time ago now, but because of the fantastic goals everyone remembers.”


It is still one of the greatest goals ever scored in the Premiership and the league is now over 25 years old...

“That is fantastic and I am very proud of that.  I feel so proud to have played for Leeds United and to have scored a fantastic goals like that, so I’m very happy.”


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