Marcelo Bielsa: We think that it’s destiny or luck

Marcelo Bielsa: We think that it’s destiny or luck

Head coach on Derby County draw.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa spoke to the media following Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Derby County.

The Whites controlled the majority of the game and looked set for three points after taking a 20th minute lead, but for a stoppage time equaliser by Chris Martin.

Bielsa admitted it was a hard result to take, following his sides superiority throughout the match.

“We should multiply what has happened a lot of times to us, but Saturday was the worst because they shot once in all the match and we created between 10 and 12 chances,” said Bielsa.

“We played 60 minutes very, very good, it was maybe the best 60 since from when I coached the team.

“After we were more superior in the next 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes was similar for both teams.

“We could control the end of the match, but if you try to be more careful in the match, it would recriminate me.

“Maybe I saw something different, I say that because when we lose points in this way it's difficult to admit reasons.

“We think that it's destiny or luck and maybe behind the luck or destiny there is another reason that can justify that.

“The real situation is Derby created just one chance in 90 minutes and we created 10, which should be enough to win three points.”