Marcelo Bielsa: The objective is to have more players involved

Marcelo Bielsa: The objective is to have more players involved

Head coach on Salford City.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa spoke to the media ahead of Tuesday’s Carabao Cup clash with Salford City.

The Whites will play the newly promoted League Two side for the first time ever at the Peninsula Stadium in the first round of the competition.

Bielsa says his side could differ from Saturday’s draw against Nottingham Forest, but that Leeds will doing everything possible to progress.

“For us this game is very interesting, with the connections with Manchester United and we are going to play the game as seriously as we can.

“Salford have some characteristics of typical British style of play, with big strikers and big defenders too.

“At the same time they have a modern dynamic too, they have a good link and good balance of styles.

“We will play with some players who didn’t play in the previous game, the new signings could be involved,” said Bielsa.

“Some of the players that played on Saturday are going to play again, some will be rested and some will go on the bench.

“The players on the bench in the previous game are going to play this game and some young players will be substitutes as well.

“One of the objectives is to have more players involved, than those who are usually playing.

“This type of scenario allows each player to show what they can do.”