Club links up with leading sports technology providers...

We are delighted to announce the Club’s exciting new partnership with leading sports technology providers Catapult.

The new arrangement will see Catapult, who worked closely with Premier League champions Leicester City last season, supply United with the world’s most advanced wearable technology to provide scientifically validated analytics from training sessions and matches.

Starting this pre-season, the United squad will benefit from Catapult’s ‘OpenField’ technology, an all-encompassing platform which presents analytics in a way that allows coaches to investigate trends and patterns, rather than just building reports.

Linking up with Catapult this summer and utilising their technology will help to ensure the United players are at peak performance when the new Sky Bet Championship season kicks off in August.

Tom Robinson, United’s First-team Sports Scientist, said: “We are delighted to be using Catapult Sports GPS to monitor our training and matches this season.

“The Optimeye S5 units allow us to quantify every detail of a player's training session, be it the total high-intensity distance covered in a running drill, the number of times they changed direction at high-speed in a small-sided game, or if they have reached maximum velocity in a sprint session.

“This information is vital for improving the physical performance of the players, tracking workloads over the season, reducing the risk of injury and optimising our delivery of training sessions."

Paul Boanas, Catapult’s Director of Sales, added: "We are extremely proud to be working with Leeds United, a club with tradition and history, yet a desire to innovate.  

“Catapult are the global leader in player monitoring and analytics, empowering coaches by adding to the decision making process through validated data.  

“With Catapult's European Office being in Leeds, we are very much aware of how much this club means to its fans, and we wish Garry Monk and his team the best of luck this season and beyond."

Paul Bell, United’s Executive Director, commented: “We are delighted to have entered another exciting new partnership for the Club.

“Catapult are a leading brand within their field and the innovative technology which they provide is used to positive effect by a number of the world’s leading sports clubs. We are now able to benefit from that and ensure Garry Monk and the team have an added edge as they prepare for the new season.

“Catapult’s local connection, with their European office in Leeds, means this partnership is the perfect fit for the Club. We look forward to working with them over the course of the season ahead.”