LEEDS UNITED have announced details of the proposed new site for the Club if fans decide the time is right to leave Elland Road, while Chairman Peter Ridsdale believes David O'Leary's team needs to play in a "world class stadium".

Leeds have earmarked a 50 acre site, close to junction 45 on the A1/M1 link at Skelton, as a possible place to build a state of the art, 50,000 all seater stadium, which could be ready for the start of the 2004 season.

Ultimately Peter Ridsdale has promised that it would be the majority of Leeds supporters who would decide

Letters outlining the pros and cons of staying or going, coupled with a voting form, are now on their way to to Leeds United Supporters Club members and shareholders.

"I can confirm that the site is at Skelton and is the one we have identified as the ideal site," Peter Ridsdale told www.lufc.com

" I believe we are very close to building a world class team here and it's now time to deliver a stadium in which they can play, one in which future generations of fans deserve to watch such a team.

"It is now down to the supporters. There is a three-week open period now for the fans to comment, reply and vote.

"It is now up to them to do what they believe is right for their football club. That is why we have not come out and said we are moving or staying. We have consulted every step of the way.

"If the majority now come back and say 'we are not moving whether you like it or not', then so be it because they are the people I work for.

"The site is ideal for the move should it go ahead. It would have a tram link, park and ride facility and a railway connection. There would also be space for the public to park a minimum of 3,500 cars. The one thing we would have to ensure is that people could get to the ground with ease, whether that be via car, public transport or even by foot. Extra pedestrian paths and tunnels would be built."

Peter Ridsdale also confirmed the Club would be careful not to neglect the traditions, history and memories of Leeds United and Elland Road if the move was to go ahead.

This would include naming two approach roads to the stadium after Mr Speight and Mr Loftus, the two Leeds fans killed in Istanbul in April 2000.

"By using the names of Christopher and Kevin it shows that we are not leaving behind the history of Leeds United," added Ridsdale in the YEP.

"There will also be a garden of remembrance made up of the turf from Elland Road where we have scattered people's ashes and the Billy Bremner statue will come with us."

"In my view, if the supporters say yes, it would be one of the most exciting events in the club's history and one which would last the next 100 years.

"It is going to be quite a long process and if we do go ahead then we shall turn our attentions to funding and looking at stadium sponsorship. This would take Leeds to the next level and we would be capable of competing with the Manchester Uniteds of this world and the best teams in Europe.

"A few years ago we deliberately set out on investing the money we had in the squad and then to consider moving because I did not want to see the best stadium in the world with a team playing in the First or Second Division.

"A new stadium is undoubtedly easier to deliver in terms of price because you can get a sponsorship deal on it, you can sell the existing ground and there would be no disruption to income while you are building it.

"With the existing stadium you would have to do it piece-meal, it would take twice as long to build and you wouldn't get the same level of sponsorship. So it would therefore be much more expensive.

"If you take the emotion out, which we all have as supporters because it's been our home for however many years, clearly on a pure financial basis in delivering a perfect stadium, there is only one solution. But football is all about emotion."

The Elland Road debate has become the focal point for Leeds fans throughout the country over the summer.

Peter Ridsdale had become the victim of a hate-mail campaign by a small group of so called supporters apparently against the idea of leaving Elland Road, but the United Chairman admitted that he hopes his family can now rest easy as a result of police action.

"I now believe any threat that was there has been nipped in the bud," he confirmed. "I have to say, given the enjoyable pre-season we have had, the last few days have been distracting.

"I am very grateful for the show of support and concern I have received from 99.9% of the Leeds fans. Just about every United fan has been magnificent over the last few days.

"It is always regrettable in life that it only takes one idiot to spoil what everybody else is enjoying. I hope that now this is behind us, nobody will spoil what is a celebratory season."