New head coach talks tactics and how he likes his teams to play...

Uwe Rosler has vowed to bring an exciting brand of football "influenced on the German way" to Elland Road next season, saying that his teams will play a “high tempo game with a lot of attempts on goal”.

The new head coach, who was unveiled on Wednesday after penning a two-year deal, is confident that his approach, which he says is similar to Jurgen Klopp’s ‘heavy metal’ philosophy at Borussia Dortmund, will prove to be a big hit with the United supporters.

Describing his favoured style of play, Rosler said: "It’s very much influenced on the German way – transition football which is very quick into attack from defence.

"I’m very interested in having a lot of quick attempts on goal and it is very important for me where you win the ball.

"I play a high pressing game to force the opposition into mistakes and playing the ball into areas where we can attack quick.

"We also need a plan when we play against established defences, it’ll be a slower build up.

"I like very powerful, quick football. Jurgen Klopp says ‘heavy metal’, so that sort of football."

Rosler has also underlined the importance of using the Elland Road crowd to the advantage of his side, having witnessed the impact they can have on teams during his playing days at Manchester City.

"When I played at that time, Leeds were starting to be a top team. I think there was a very strong connection with the team and the crowd," he said.

"They really like a hard-working team with 11 players pulling in one direction. That is what I try to create in my own philosophy.

"The philosophy at Leeds in the past is not too far away.

"I’ve talked about the style of football that I like to play and I don’t like long balls. I like quick, forward passes with a lot of players committing themselves going forward to play a high tempo game with a lot of attempts on goal.

"I think that is the sort of football which keeps the crowd going and that was the reason for which I first came to English football because English football was passion, tempo with a lot of things happening and goals.

"I hope, all together, we can deliver that here."

The German was noted for playing with a 4-3-3 system during his eye-catching time in charge of Brentford, while his recent spell at Wigan Athletic often saw him opt for a 3-5-2 on the road to reaching the FA Cup semi-finals.

Asked if he could envisage Leeds shaping up in a 4-3-3, Rosler replied: "Seeing the squad of players which is already in place, I think that could be a good way to play.

"I have experience with that sort of system and to put the opposition under pressure high up the field.

"I think you need a high level of fitness and a high level of energy. My alternative system is a 3-5-2 where we also play with two strikers.

"I played that at Wigan and we were very successful in the FA Cup when we played more or less all Premier League opposition in every game with a 3-5-2. That will be Plan B.

"To play 4-3-3, I like to have pace on the sides and there are certain variations depending on how you interpret in and who you can get in."